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A life coach can do a lot of different things in many different areas.

As a life coach, I aim to guide you towards achieving goals that you never thought possible. I do this by helping you discover your limiting beliefs, while simultaneously healing the wounds that hold you back. On a day-to-day basis, interaction, positive reinforcement and accountability are key areas where I will be present to help you move forward.

As a life coach, I can help you improve your personal and professional lives. Whether you want to strengthen your relationship with others, move forward in your business/career, improve your financial health, or simply have more peace in your life, I can help you set, understand and meet your goals.

I will help you keep yourself accountable, while providing you with tools to see and experience success and change your life.

With each individual, I create customised programmes that will help you take control over your life and maximise your potential.

The program consists of 10 hour-long sessions, spread over the duration of two months.

Madhvi N Juneja.

+91 96542 51010

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