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Become a Certified Intuitive Tarot Reader and Angel Therapist.

• Give accurate intuitive tarot readings in a professional way.

• Understand how to use tarot to guide others and yourself.

• Learn how to be medium to deliver intuitive tarot readings.

• Develop your intuitive ability to be able to improve decision making.

• Create your own tarot business with confidence.

• Learn how to read cards from a distance.

• How to connect with the angels and seek guidance from them. 

• Types of angels, hierarchy and the entire history of angel therapy. 

• How to establish the connection with angels and discover how to open yourself up to them. 

• How to invoke angels, protection, grounding, attuning.

• Types of angels you can call upon and what they are responsible for, and how to connect with your guardian angel. 

• Learn about indigo, crystal and rainbow children.

• This help from the angels will help you in your day-to-day and life events and stimulate spiritual growth.

Madhvi N Juneja.

+91 96542 51010

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