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Hi! I’m Madhavi. I’m on a mission to transform lives and help you become the best version of yourself.

My Journey

I grew up in Chandigarh as a regular girl, leading a seemingly regular life, with warm parents and adoring siblings. However, throughout my childhood, I was always seen as a misfit – where my peers frolicked together, I sat alone; where teenage problems encompassed their life, I was their counsellor and guide; where marks and academics consumed their attention, I was drawn to a higher calling.

Upon completion of my college degree, I realised that I was neither prepared nor intended for the standard life path of an early marriage and family responsibilities. I was sure I was meant for greater things, something that involved spirituality and energies, but I was unsure of what exactly my life purpose was. I embarked on a career in the travel industry.

Here, I simply thrived! Meeting people from different walks of life every day, interacting with numerous people in myriad roles as employer, employee, friend, colleague, guide, mentor, counsellor helped me slowly begin to realise that my calling certainly lay in assisting people. To find clarity in their lives, sort out confusions and issues they faced. Rather than lending a shoulder to people, I began to identify my strength as being able to guide them towards finding light in their own lives – a beacon that pointed them towards solutions or answers they sought, rather than merely finding it for them.

It was around this time that I also met and fell in love with my wonderful husband. We got married, and in him, I found everything that I could have wished for in a marriage – a friend, philosopher, guide, and truly a partner in my journey through life. We have two beautiful children together, and through our relationship, I began to see my calling more clearly.

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Madhvi N Juneja.

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